After completing the Textbook syllabus prescribed by CBSE, students want to assess their level of learning, in this situation, CBSE question paper acts as a mirror, which reflects the real self of the learner’s ability. Students solve exam guru question Bank, in the hope that more than 50%–60% questions of Board Exam Paper are asked from the questions discussed in the cbse question bank which ultimately helps them secure good marks. Continuous previous years good record of exam guru question bank also enhance them to get attracted towards the Full Marks exam guru question bank, That’s why question bank are always in the good book of the students. Internal question choices, pattern/format of the board sample question papers become more familiar to the student with the help of CBSE question bank while solving the question bank student comes to know that, how much time he/she is consuming in the solution of the questions, which helps him/her in better time management during Board Exam. With the exam guru question bank, he/she gets aware of his/her weak and strong points and try to improve his/her weak areas.

A utility of Exam guru Question Bank for Average Student: There are so many students, who have a casual approach towards their study, for them, question bank becomes the last resort to get through the exam in last two / three months. In this situation, Full Marks exam guru question paper acts as a Textbook in the concise form with all the quality of the original textbook.  As exam guru question bank covers all important types with at least five to ten questions on each topic, so student becomes familiar after practicing at least five question based on the same format/pattern. In the CBSE question paper labeled diagram, maps, answers given in tabulated forms represent the solution in more visual form and makes the topic more convenient for the students.

A utility of Exam guru Question Bank for Bright Student: There are some students who were concerned and serious about their study since the beginning of the academic session. They need some additional material, after completing the textbook course, so they choose the exam guru question bank as a practice tool. Examguru question bank helps these students enhance their speed and accuracy ratio. ‘HOTS questions’ tease their brains to excel in the typical situations. After repeating the cbse sample papers for two or three times, they feel that things have become clear and easy for them, and raise their confidence level.


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